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Board. Never bored.

The skate park is open to users aged 5+. Everyone under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult.

We welcome people with BMX bikes, skateboards, aggressive inline skates and stunt scooters. Or if you simply fancy trying your hand at skateboarding or BMXing, we have equipment here you can hire (additional fees apply).

Stuff you need to know


Safety gear

Under 16s must wear a helmet for all activities within the skate park. All other skate park users must wear a helmet at all times when using BMX and/or when using the bowl. No exceptions.

We strongly recommend that all participants using the skate park wear full protective equipment at all times. Particularly wrist, knee and elbow pads and helmets that meet the current British Safety Standard specifications.

Stay alert

Make sure that you are aware of what is going on around you for the safety of yourself and others using the area. When moving around on foot, be sure to check all around you before setting off. If you fall, move out of way as soon as you can, and if you are hurt call out for help.

Know your limits

If you are new to skating/riding or still learning the ropes, take your time and only ride to your ability. You put yourself and others at risk if you try tricks or areas which you aren’t ready for.

Stand clear of the metal poles at the tops of ramps which are called “coping” and don’t let anything hang over them.


A bit of courtesy and respect go a long way.

Everyone has to start somewhere so show your support to those on the park who maybe aren’t as proficient as you – and extend a hand of friendship by sharing your skills and giving advice.

Wait your turn. Snaking is when a person jumps the queue on a section/bowl/ramp. Not only is it bad form, but it causes accidents, so don’t drop in on people.

When using ramps, don’t stand on the top when there is somebody using it as you will cause a disruption.

Finally, when using a long run try not to spend too much time on there if there are many people waiting.

Take a break 

When you’re ready to take a break, please move off the park and into the seating area. If you are finished and wish to continue watching, head to the viewing gallery on the first floor. 

Howe Bridge Leisure Centre

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